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Tips Texted To Your Cell Phone

Utah Poison Control Center

Call 1-800-222-1222 now with poisoning questions

    24-Hour Service

    The Utah Poison Control Center (UPCC) is a 24-hour resource for poison information and educational resources. We serve the state of Utah with immediate phone support in a poisoning crisis. The UPCC also serves health care professionals, pre-hospital providers, public health officials, and law enforcement. Our call center is staffed by certified, highly educated specialists to help you prevent poisonings and recover from poison related accidents.

    Save Time & Call Us!

    The service is free and private. By calling the service you will save time getting the information you need immediately. Donít hesitate to call.

Why YOU Should Call Your Poison Center

Dos and Don'ts in Case of Gasoline Poisoning

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Click here to listen to an interview on the
dangers of gasoline poisoning by our
own Dr. Dahl.

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Check out our public newsletter "Poison Antidote". It offers timely advice and tips to help protect you and your family. The Winter 2015 newsletter discusses Medication Errors, Drug Poisoning Deaths, and National Poison Prevention Week. Poison Antidote Newsletter

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