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Utah Poison Control Center's 2021 Annual Report

UPCC 2021 Annual Report

Author: Amberly R. Johnson

We are pleased to present the Utah Poison Control Center 2021 Annual Report. In this report, we highlight the Utah Poison Control Center's (UPCC) ongoing role in Utah’s COVID-19 pandemic response. In addition, we feature the experience of a local pediatrician and how the UPCC has helped her as a healthcare professional and as a parent. We also highlight innovative ways UPCC provided outreach education during the continuing pandemic. We also talk with the UPCC medical toxicologists who have the expertise needed to provide advice on management of complex and unusual poisonings. One personal experience of a mom who called UPCC for help when her child got into some medicine is also featured in the report.  

Thank you for your ongoing advocacy and support of the Utah Poison Control Center. We hope you enjoy our 2021 Annual Report.