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Prevention Tips

Most poison exposures occur when the product is in use. Below are a few tips to help you reduce the chance of poison exposure in your home or workplace.

  • Store all household products and medicines out of reach and out of sight of small children and pets.
  • Store all medicines separately from household products and household chemicals away from food.
  • Always read the label before using and follow the instructions on medicines, cleaners, pesticides, automotive, lawn and garden products for their proper use.
    Warning: First Aid instructions on product labels are often incorrect or dangerous.
  • Never store potential poisons in containers used for eating and drinking. Store all potential poisons in their original, labeled containers. Leave the original labels on all products.
  • Never refer to medicine as candy to a young child.
  • Avoid taking medication in front of small children.
  • Turn on a light when taking or giving medication.
  • When you are using household chemical products and medicines, never let them out of your sight, even if you must take them along when answering the telephone or doorbell.
  • Clean out your medicine cabinet periodically.
  • Use child resistant closures.
  • Remember that carbon monoxide exposures are considered a poisoning.