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Antidotes for Poisoned Patients

for a poison emergency

(Generic Name & Trade Names)
Poisoning or Overdose Indications Recommended Stocking Level
Acetylcysteine (MucomystTM, AcetadoteTM) Acetaminophen toxicity 20% oral solution-7 x 30mL;
20% IV solution-4 x 30mL
Antivenom (Latrodectus mactans) Black widow spider envenomation 1 vial
Atropine Bradydysrhythmias, cholinesterase inhibitor toxicity 1g
Benztropine (CogentinTM) Acute dystonia 3 x 2mL, 1mg/mL
Botulinum antitoxin / trivalent ABE Botulism Available from CDC
Calcium disodium EDTA (VersenateTM) Lead, copper, zinc, cobalt, cadmium toxicity 18 x 5mL, 200mg/mL
Calcium gluconate 10% Hydrofluoric acid exposure, calcium channel blocker toxicity 20 -30 vials, 1 gram each
Crotalinae polyvalent immune FAB (CroFabTM) Crotalinae (rattlesnake) envenomation 10-20 vials
Cyproheptadine (PeriactinTM) Serotonin syndrome 32mg (4mg tablets or 2mg/5mL syrup)
Dantrolene (DantriumTM) Malignant hyperthermia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome 35 x 20mg vials
Deferoxamine mesylate (DesferalTM) Iron toxicity 12x 500mg vials
Diazepam / lorazepam (ValiumTM / AtivanTM) Seizures, severe agitation; stimulant toxicity 20mg parenteral formulation
Digoxin-specific antibody fragments (DigifabTM, DigibindTM) Digoxin and other cardiac glycoside toxicity 15-20 vials
Dimercaprol / BAL Arsenic, lead, mercury toxicity 6 x 3mL, 100mg/mL
Diphenhydramine (BenadrylTM) Acute dystonia; histamine receptor blockade 8 x 1mL, 50mg/mL
Flumazenil (RomaziconTM) Benzodiazepine toxicity 10 x 10mL, 0.1mg/mL
Folic acid (FolviteTM) Methanol toxicity 6 x 10mL, 5mg/mL
Fomepizole (AntizolTM) Ethylene glycol, methanol toxicity 4 x 1.5mL, 1g/mL
Glucagon Beta-blocker, calcium channel blocker toxicity 100mg (100 kits, 1unit each)
Hydroxocobalamin (CyanokitTM) Cyanide exposure / smoke inhalation 15g (3 kits)
Leucovorin calcium Methotrexate toxicity 2 x 10mL, 10mg/mL
Levocarnitine (CarnitorTM) Valproic acid toxicity 7 x 5mL, 1g/5mL
Levoleucovorin calcium Methotrexate toxicity 1 x 50mg vial
Methylene blue 1% Methemoglobinemia 5x 10mL, 10mg/mL
Naloxone (NarcanTM) Opioid toxicity 3 x 10mL, 1mg/mL
Octreotide (SandostatinTM) Sulfonylurea toxicity 2 x 1mL, 0.1mg/mL
Physostigmine (AntiliriumTM) Anticholinergic toxicity 10 x 2mL, 1mg/mL
Phytonadione / Vitamin K1 (AquaMEPHYTONTM / MephytonTM) Oral anticoagulant / rodenticide toxicicty 10 x 1mL, 10mg/mL; 20 x 5mg tablets
Pralidoxime / 2-PAM (ProtopamTM) Cholinesterase inhibitor (organophosphate / carbamate) toxicity 12 x 1g vials
Protamine Heparin reversal 1 x 25mL, 10mg/mL
Pyridoxine / Vitamin B6 Ethylene glycol / isoniazid / Gyromitra mushroom toxicity 7 x 30mL, 100mg/mL
Sodium bicarbonate Cyclic antidepressant / salicylate toxicity, metabolic acidosis 10 amps or syringes (~500mEq)
Succimer / DMSA (ChemetTM) Arsenic, lead, mercury 21 x 100mg capsules
Thiamine / Vitamin B1 Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, ethylene glycol toxicity 5 x 2mL, 100mg/mL

1 Recommended stocking amounts should provide a 24-hour supply to treat a severly poisoned 70-kg patient. Institutional needs may vary.

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