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Poison Hemlock

for a poison emergency

Poison Hemlock/Winter Fern/ California Fern/ Spotted Hemlock/ Poison Parsley (Conium Maculatum)


Grows along streamside and ditch banks at all elevations, tolerates poorly drained soils. Can be found throughout the United States. Grows 4-10 feet tall. Hollow, branched, spotted stems with purple splotches. Leaves are fern-like. Single white taproot that resembles a carrot. Poisonous parts: all parts.




Small capsule containing grayish-brown seeds


Individual flowers are very tiny, and are borne in umbrella shaped clusters at the ends of the branches.

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Poison Hemlock stem against rocky ground
Poison Hemlock with white flowers
Close up of Poison Hemlock branch
white shaded Poison Hemlock leaves