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Water Hemlock

for a poison emergency

Water Hemlock (Cicuta Douglasii)


Grows along streamside, irrigation canals, and in moist pastures; seldom grows about 8500 feet in elevation. Grows 3 to 7 feet tall. Thick rootstocks have cross partitions at the base. Roots have separate chambers inside, and a musky odor. Leaves are lance-shaped, with toothed edges. Leaf veins run to the notches between the toothed edges. This plant is similar in appearance to Poison Hemlock, but there is little or no purple blotching on the stem. Poisonous parts: all parts, especially the roots and lower stems.




Oval seed pods


Flowers appear in late spring and early summer and are small, white, and grouped in umbrella-shaped clusters at the ends of branches.

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