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Poison Smart (5th & 6th Grade)

Poison prevention education can save lives. Approximately 60 percent of all poisonings occur in children under the age of 6; however poisonings can occur at any age. Teaching poison prevention to people of all ages helps not only them, but those around them to stay safe from potential poisonings. This program focuses on teaching older children prevention techniques that can help themselves and younger children they have contact with.

The goal of this lesson is to educate children on what poisons are, how to stay safe from potential poisonings, and what to do if a poisoning occurs.

For additional info on our education program, contact Sherrie Pace

Lesson Plan Overview

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • relate what a poison is-during a group discussion.
  • name at least 3 places in the home where poisonous items might be found (kitchen, bathroom, garage, yard etc) during a question and answer period.
  • give 3 or more examples of household poisons during a question and answer period.
  • demonstrate poison prevention knowledge during a scenario activity.
  • relate what to do if someone is poisoned.


  • Poison Adventure video, runtime 20 min. (optional); download here
  • Magnets and telephone stickers (order form)
  • Look-a-like display
  • Poison Scenario
  • Poison Ladders or Poison Word Search
  • Parent letter
  • Household guide to Poison Control
  • Certificate of Completion

Note: Materials and instructions for each item can be found in the appendices of the full lesson plan.

Content Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Introduce self
    2. Explain purpose
  2. Definitions and Concepts
    1. Poison
    2. Prevention
    3. Why
  3. Look-A-Likes
    1. Discussion
    2. Question and Answer
    3. Look-A-Like Display/Products
  4. Video (Optional)
    1. Poison Adventure
  5. If Someone Is Poisoned
    1. Tell a grown-up
    2. Poison Center
  6. Activity
    1. Poison Scenarios
  7. Worksheet Activity
    1. Poison Ladders
    2. Poison Word Search
  8. Conclusion
    1. Magnets and Telephone Stickers
    2. Parent Letter
    3. Household Guide to Poisons
    4. Certificate of Completion
  9. Appendices
    1. Look-A-Like Display
    2. Poison Scenarios
    3. Poison Ladders Worksheet
    4. Poison Word Search
    5. Parent Letter (English)
    6. Parent Letter (Spanish)
    7. Household Guide to Poisons
    8. Certificate of Completion